I am Jessica Sage Cooper.

My background consists of an assorted variety of jobs which ranging from veterinary technician to gymnastics coach, from waitress to personal trainer, but I have always had a strong drive to design. Fresh out of college with my Interior Architecture B.S. I spent a few years working as an Interior Designer Ethan Allen and Dolche Home Interiors. An opportunity to work as a kitchen and bathroom designer soon came my way and I eagerly jumped at the opportunity, thus spending the next five years at Home Remodelers Contracting. My husband and I moved to Natick, MA were we spent four years and I where attained my Masters in Marketing Management. After moving back to California I decided to attain a Certificate in Graphic and Web Design to help facilitate my career goals. Now that I have graduated I am ready to make the next step.

Professional Skills

Though out my life journey I have attained many professional skills. I am proficient in WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus with experience in web design and HTML. I have a masters in Marketing Management, a Certificate in Graphic and Web Design, and 2 years of graphic design experience. I have designed a range of items for print and web which include emails, banners, posters, brochures, fliers.

Fun Facts
 Growing up in the Stewart house hold was a blast. My family spent most of our free time outside doing things like bike riding, surfing, skiing (water and snow), soccer, baseball, softball etc. We did not spend at our house in Los Osos, CA, most weekends we could be found water skiing at lake Naciamiento or Lake San Antonio. Now that I have two kids of my own I hope to pass on the tradition of loving outdoors and family play time.