Website Development

This project was create and develop an original responsive website interface design for an eCommerce company of my choice. A complete make over of the eCommerce companies website. The project must incorporate an original logo and style guide, responsive design (using Foundation 6) with strong branding and copywriting, and advanced responsive elements.

Starting with research on the company and original website I found that the they are very proud to be a family run farm in San Diego for three generations. To create an optimal website for the company I created a Design Brief, this helps to outline deliverables and the scope of work including minor details about the final product. Next I worked out the general page design via wireframes in full, medium, and small format for all types of devices. Then Photoshop is used to design and plan out the more precise design layouts of each page. Using Foundation I coded the pages in HTML and CSS to get the final product.

Design Brief

Design Brief




Photoshop Main Page Design & Final HTML Layout


Photoshop Product Page Design & Final HTML Layout

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